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Amazing jewellery ring box on wedding

Posted on : 2020/03/12     Author : beautyone

The ring box originated in foreign countries, because there will be a ceremony for exchanging rings in church weddings, and now there will be a process for exchanging rings in Chinese weddings. The jewellery ring box can be held by the flower girl also  can be kept by the bridesmaid and groom. When the ring exchange ceremony take place, the new couple take the rings from the jewellery ring box and put them on each other, indicate that their future was closely connected.

In the years of 2016,The Chinese famous singer Jane Zhang got marraged. and  Liuyifei hand over the jewellery ring box to the bride.

The traditional ring box is mostly a wooden box, or a metal box, usually provide an impression is rigid and stiff. The mini geometric glass ring box looks slightly retro, and the transparent glass makes people expect and yearn for the wedding ring.

Geometric glass ring box (2)

Geometric glass ring box (1)

Geometric glass ring box (3)